Middle School All Star Game

When: March 14th, 2021

Nomination Deadline: February 2021

Where: Ursuline Academy

              New Orleans, LA

Ages: Game 1 - Class of 2025 / Game 2 - Class 2026-2027

Cost: FREE / Selected 

Event Details: 

LGR is presenting a middle school all star game for classes 2025, 2026-2027.  The game will take place in New Orleans and will be a Louisiana versus Texas all star game.  We wanted to give back to our girls by providing a FREE opportunity and highlight some of the TOP players in the state. This is a great opportunity for OUR girls to compete with some of the best players in Louisiana and compete against some of the top players in Texas.  This event will also be covered by Pass Tha Ball the best mixtape for girls basketball.  Pass Tha Ball has a great following with over 100,000 combined followers on social media account.  Nominations will be open until February 14th and invites will follow. We will select 10 girls for the 8th grade game and 10 girls for 6th/7th grade game.


We look forward to giving OUR girls a great experience.

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