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Future Queens Of The Court

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

When it comes to girls basketball in Louisiana we tend to get overlooked. Even more so OUR middle school girls are getting overlooked and several schools don't even have teams! In December we hosted our first middle school tournament with a goal to make this THE event for middle school girls basketball. During our first year we were able to get 13 teams to compete for the Future Queens of the Court title. The girls demonstrated a lot of toughness and hustle both days of the tournament. I'm sure everyone was excited to play people you normally don't play and that's our vision we have as we continue to grow this event. We want to thank all the teams that came out and now we're asking for your help to spread the message about our tournament and lets build this into something bigger and better each year. Our goal next year is to have two 16 team brackets and 32 total girls middle school teams! Again thanks for all your support it takes a village.

Please click the picture below to check out our photo gallery!

Special thanks to digital video breakdown for taking shots of our girls. You can also check out his website.

Below you can find the bracket consisting of the 13 teams that competed in our inaugural Future Queens of The Court Middle School Tournament

Bracket (Pictured Below)

The championship game did not disappoint as we had the stands packed and girls feed off the energy! Larose Cut Off Middle and Belle Chasse Academy showcased a lot of skill as they traded baskets in a back and forth match up that came down to the wire. I was personally hoping for overtime just because I didn't want to see the game end but Larose came out on top in the end to take the crown!

2019 Future Queens Of The Court - CHAMPIONS

Larose Cut Off Middle (Pictured Below)

2019 Future Queens Of The Court - Second Place

Belle Chasse Academy (Pictured Below)

All Tournament Team Members

Ellie Lorraine (#11) and Jolie Melancon (#23) demonstrated toughness and composure on the basketball court all tournament long. You can tell they have grown up playing the game and will be fun to watch in high school next year! (Pictured Below)

Both players demonstrated great ball skills for only being in the 7th grade! We can't wait to have them back next year.

All Tournament Team Member

Trafton - Mia Gex

Mia impressed us by showcasing a variety of post moves along with good footwork and hands. We're looking forward to seeing her growth over the next few years.

All Tournament Team Member

Houma Jr. High #1 Akaja Mcquire

She controlled the flow of the game for her team and got all her teammates involved with nice vision from a young guard.

All Tournament Team Members

St. Martin's #32 - Lia Beverly

St. Andrews #14 - Cate Bilbe

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