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LGR All Newcomer Team

Updated: May 22, 2020

2019-2020 Basketball Season

*This team is for girls that spent their first year on a Louisiana varsity roster this year!*

With the 2023 Rankings being released April 15th I wanted to give everyone a quick preview of some of our newcomers this year. Many of these girls starting reaching college coaches radars pretty early on but now they are going to be household names for the remainder of their high school careers! Enough talking lets get to the team....

Mikaylah Williams

Parkway High School - Guard 6'0 2023

When you've got several SEC offers to play basketball before you sit one day in a high school classroom I think its safe to say your going to make an impact your first year on the basketball court! Williams sets herself apart from many with her great size along with her overall ball skills. Whether you like it or not height/size has a big part of being a good basketball player especially at the next level. If you have not heard of Mikaylah Williams you need to take a trip up north to Parkway high school and check her game out! She'll be making a lot of noise in 5A for the next three years.

Mikaylah Manley

Barbe High School - Guard 5'8 2023

My first time seeing Manley was this summer and she immediately caught my eye with her shiftiness and natural feel for the game. This year she jumped on the scene this year making 2nd team all state in 5A scoring 28ppg. Barbe upset E.A. in the first round before falling to Benton (State Champs). Look our for Manley to lead Barbe a little deeper into the playoffs next year. Maybe we can get a Mikaylah vs. Mikaylah match up!

Paris Guillory

St. Louis Catholic - Guard 5'7 2023

Guillory stepped on campus and took over the point guard roll from Alexandria Goodly (ULL Freshmen) as she had some big shoes to fill and she did just that. Helping her team get back to the state championship for the second straight year not missing a beat. She's arguably the best two way guard in the class of 2023 and that has stood out to college coaches but I think what will stand out even more going forward is her leadership on the court.

Jasmine Matthews

East St. John High School - Guard/Wing 5'10 2023

Matthews is a walking mismatch given her size/power and ability her ability to play multiple positions. She can start the fast-break from a rebound and get her teammates involved. She can play the point if you need a big guard in a half court set. She can play the high post if you need a forward with an ability to create for herself or others..... yeah she's a walking mismatch! East St. John is another team in 5A that will continue to get better over the next three years.

Krystin Green

Zacharhy High School - Guard 5'6 2020 (Nicholls Signee)

Probably the biggest surprise on the team is going to be Green because she was the biggest surprise to me! I've already seen all the other girls prior to them playing high school basketball so I expected those four to be on this list but Green was a senior spent her first year in Louisiana this year at Zachary high school. I had heard about Zachary getting a guard that moved in from Indiana (a coaches dream) and my first time seeing her was at the Hall Of Fame games in October. While she looked to be a little nervous in her first game with a new team she had a great first step, great range from 3pt plus and got her teammates involved making the game easier for them around her. After following her throughout the season she seemed to get more and more comfortable throughout the season and I'm sure she'll have a great career at Nicholls!

Check out our 2020 / 2021 / 2022 rankings as the 2023 class is set to release on April 15th!

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