Skyler Christmas Commits to ULL / Q&A

What stood out for you the most about ULL than all of the other programs that recruited you and why did you choose ULL?

  • What stood out for me the most was that ULL overall has a great program and I would be able to fit in quickly, also the coaches and I had a great relationship.

How would you characterize the ULL coaches?

  • The ULL are genuine, since day one they always kept it real and was there from the beginning.

How would you describe your game?

  • I would describe my game as being able to get my teammates involved, play defense, and i’ll definitely say I'm an all around player.

What goals have you set for your time at ULL?

  • The goals I have set for my time at ULL would be to maintain academic honor roll and to win the conference championship .

What was your most memorable moment during the high school career so far?

  • My most memorable moment during my high school career so far would be scoring 53 points in a single game.

Any advice you can leave to the young girls looking to follow in your footsteps?

  • Never give up and to never let anyone tell you whats best for yourself always follow your heart.

How do you balance being a student an athlete and your social life?

  • Me balancing being a student athlete and my social life would be being organized and managing my time well.


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