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Louisiana Exposure Camp

Updated: May 22, 2020

September 14th, 2019 - Louisiana Girls Rankings hosted its inaugural exposure camp with a focus on OUR girls. We had a total of 115 of the top girls basketball players from across the state come out and compete against each other. Along with LGR evaluations the girls were able to play in front of 12 college coaches from Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi as well as a McDonald's All-American committee member. The event was loaded with talent from class of 2026 through class of 2020 which even included a few potential student athletes who have already received scholarship offers to play at the next level. The camp was given high praises from everyone involved and all expressed how excited they were for the future of LGR and couldn't wait for next years event. This event will be held each year and we look forward to continue to grow. If you missed the event and want to participate this year please reach out through our prospect page or attend one of our satellite camps. Below you can find pictures as well as videos. Please share with your friends, family and anyone you believe should be a part of this camp next year! It takes a village and we need your help spreading the word about girls basketball in Louisiana.


Shane Lafflin

Premier Basketball Report / McDonald's All-American Committee Member

" The LGR group did a fantastic job with organizing their camp. High energy, enthusiasm, positivity, instruction, and intensity... all in the gym together. They have done a wonderful job establishing a fresh platform with the intent being uniting an area to promote the talent, but also mixing in the education and experience part of basketball skills and playing to translate into college scholarship opportunities."

Student Athlete 2023

"I enjoyed the opportunity to compete versus some of the other top girls in the state and in front of college coaches!" 

Parent of a 2024 Student Athlete

"Thank you LGR for creating a platform for OUR girls!"

NAIA Head Coach

"LGR has done a great job promoting women's basketball in Louisiana for "OUR GIRLS."  They really are first class from the content they provide to the events they run.  LGR has become a staple in Louisiana in no time at all and will continue to grow."

Event Video Recaps

The below video all took place BEFORE the camp even started. When you showed up we got right to work and had the energy bouncing off the walls!

The start of camp we got right into some skill and drills.

Overall Video - Part 1

Overall Video Part II

High School Pictures

By clicking the photo below you can find all the photos taken at our camp.

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