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Director of LGR - Kris Goff

Coach Goff is in his second season as Ursuline's Head Basketball Coach. Prior to working with Ursuline, he was an Assistant Coach of Nicholls State University & Southeastern Louisiana University Women's Basketball for five years. During his time at Nicholls, he was a part of the program's first Southland Conference Championship and NCAA tournament birth.  He is married to Catie Ragusa Goff, and together they have a son - Lucas.

"I decided to get out of the college coaching grind as it's a lot of time on the road and I wanted to spend more time with my family.  Now my son comes to school with me every morning and they bring him to me at practice each day."

"After coming back to coach high school, I wanted to grow OUR game and considered ways I could help move girls basketball forward in the state of Louisiana.  Given the experiences and college connections I've gained over the past five years, I wanted to help educate our girls and get the conversation started about OUR girls.  It will take a village and we'll need your help, but lets get the conversation started and give our girls the coverage they deserve!"



"LGR has done a great job promoting women's basketball in Louisiana for "OUR GIRLS."  They really are first class from the content they provide to the events they run.  LGR has become a staple in Louisiana in no time at all and will continue to grow."

2023 Student Athlete

"I enjoyed the opportunity to compete versus some of the other top girls in the state and in front of college coaches!" 

Parent of a 2024

Student Athlete

"Thank you LGR for creating a platform for OUR girls!"

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