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Fab 50 - Middle School

Reflecting back on the Fab 50 camp last month I really can't help but thank everyone that was involved in pulling this amazing event off for OUR girls! It truly takes a village and we really appreciate all those that helped us get to the point we are today. Even with Covid and all these Hurricanes we were able to pull off an amazing event and I can't wait to see what this grows into as we continue to get all the top talent under one roof. Given the circumstances we still had 15 college coaches and 150 of the top girls basketball players in the state at one location! Our waiting list grew to nearly another 100 players wanting to be a part of this special event. It was awesome to see all OUR girls competing and making friends with other young hoopers from across the state! If you missed it make sure you're working on your game because I promise you this is a can't miss event that's only going to get bigger and better each year.

The middle school division had 60 of the top middle school players from across the state! When I tell you they came out and showed us who's got next it was no question the state is in great hands for years to come. I'm really excited about watching them develop on the court as well as seeing them develop relationships with each other. It's hard to explain but being at the camp is just a special time with a lot of special young hoopers.

Here's a quick highlight video just to get an idea of how much talent was in the gym!


Check out the rosters:



All games are posted on our YouTube Channel if you'd like to check some of them out click here. Make sure you subscribe to our channel below and help us continue to grow!


Fab 50 Standouts Middle School

Zara Baker / 2026

One of the biggest surprises at camp!

Beat people off the bounce all day long with a crazy quick 1st step! A big guard that can post smaller defenders but can step out and hit the 3pt as well! #Fab50


Carley Hamilton / 2025

Carley is one of the best guards in the state for the 2025 class. The lefty was creating off the bounce for herself & teammates all camp long! A good finisher as she showed finishes with both hands. #Fab50


Arionna Patterson / 2025

Arionna is bigger & stronger than most at 5’10 playing the guard postion! Great footwork #Jab Nice vision & a natural feel for the game. Her potential is through the roof as she continues to develop! #Fab50


Jaila Marshall / 2025

Jaila completely dominated on the boards & around the rim. At 5’8 she’s a true wing prospect w/ both guard and forward skill sets. Could have been leading scorer of entire camp...literally couldn’t stop her! #Fab50


Kyndal Graham / 2026

Kyndal is a crowd favorite standing at 4’11 she’s exciting to watch as she has the ball on a string! A 1 on 1 creator who makes the game easier for her teammates w/ timely passes. Good defender #Fab50


Chikae Desdunes / 2026

Chikae instantly stood out with how much she grew...Her jumper has grown as well hitting multiple 3pt shots (4 or 5)! Always seems to make the “right” play marking her teammates better. Elite vision!


Shaila Forman / 2025

Shaila stands out with her size at the point guard position. She has great vision and makes those around her better. Executed the P&R all camp long with Jaila Marshall. The IQ was wise beyond her years. #Fab50


Imani Daniel / 2025

Imani was one of the best players at camp if not THE best as her team went undefeated! A forward frame but all the guard skills. Exceptional finisher who uses her body to create space. A lot of WOW plays! #Fab50


Jaliyah Manuel / 2027

Jaliyah showed a lot of confidence as a 2027 hitting a much of jumpers off the bounce! Her game stood out despite being one of the youngest at the camp. She’ll be fun to watch her game continue to grow! #Fab50


Sana’a Bean / 2025

Sana’a brings a big presence on both ends of the court at 6’2. She was drawing double teams in the half court. Catching & finishing on offensive boards and out of bounds plays. Blocked/altered a lot of shots! #Fab50


Ryli Martin / 2025

Ryli has a catch & shoot jumper you don’t see often in MS! She made a big jump from last year w/ her confidence & it showed last weekend as she helped her team go undefeated knocking down a lot of shots! #Fab50


Journee Johnson / 2026

Journee has a quick release and a pure stroke! Her long frame allows her to be an impact on both ends of the court. She’s really improved off the bounce


Koi Williams / 2025

Koi knocked off some of the volleyball rust early & got it going after game 1. She has a natural feel for the game and uses her body well to get around defenders. Hit a few 3’s and created for others off the bounce. #Fab50


Brooklyn Smith /2027

Dale Clay called it Brooklyn was the top 2027 at the camp & she stood out regardless of her age! Created contact & finished on drives to the rim. Has a long frame which allowed her to lock up on defense! #Fab50


Eymani Key / 2024

While we weren’t able to get her in the HS group she took advantage of an opportunity & really stood out! She lived up to the hype...Scored off the bounce & played with a lot of flair! Really like her game #Fab50

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