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Fab 50 - Middle School

Reflecting back on the Fab 50 camp last month I really can't help but thank everyone that was involved in pulling this amazing event off for OUR girls! It truly takes a village and we really appreciate all those that helped us get to the point we are today. Even with Covid and all these Hurricanes we were able to pull off an amazing event and I can't wait to see what this grows into as we continue to get all the top talent under one roof. Given the circumstances we still had 15 college coaches and 150 of the top girls basketball players in the state at one location! Our waiting list grew to nearly another 100 players wanting to be a part of this special event. It was awesome to see all OUR girls competing and making friends with other young hoopers from across the state! If you missed it make sure you're working on your game because I promise you this is a can't miss event that's only going to get bigger and better each year.

The middle school division had 60 of the top middle school players from across the state! When I tell you they came out and showed us who's got next it was no question the state is in great hands for years to come. I'm really excited about watching them develop on the court as well as seeing them develop relationships with each other. It's hard to explain but being at the camp is just a special time with a lot of special young hoopers.

Here's a quick highlight video just to get an idea of how much talent was in the gym!


Check out the rosters:



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