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Top 5 Changes in the Updated Rankings: A Sneak Peek

It's that time of year again with the evaluation period right around the corner and a last chance look at all the prospects this weekend at our tournament The Challenge! We look forward to releasing the updated rankings next week. But before that lets get the conversation started about OUR girls. Let us know who we missed by commenting on all social media platforms. Keep it positive and remember the only purpose of these rankings is to get people talking about Louisiana girls basketball and to give OUR girls a platform… with out further ado let the conversation begin!

2025 Class Top 5

Lots of shake up to the top 5 in the 2025 class which is a testament to this class as a whole. When you look back at the previous classes they may not be as strong and maybe even top heavy but that's not the case with this 2025 group. We are filled with 10 plus players in the 2025 class that will have opportunities to play at the division I level.

This is a great class and will be plenty of debate, so let the conversation begin....

1) - Amijah Price - Woodlawn High School

Club Team - Louisiana United

Amijah Price was on pace to be one of the biggest jumps in the updated rankings as she was #11 in our latest update and was steady climbing.... but what she did this high school playoff run was spectacular and she went out and earned the #1 spot in this 2025 class! In the state championship semifinals versus Huntington (arguably the best team in the state) she scores 33 points, pulls down 10 rebounds and dished out 5 assist all while going 20 for 20 from the free-throw line! A STAR was born on that night as she helped lead her team to the state title game for the first time in programs history against all odds!

Price is a playmaker at the guard position. Her ability to score and create opportunities for herself and others is what has college coaches excited. Again like Spencer last year her college recruitment is just heating up.... College coaches you can go back to last years article with Spencer and she had zero offers going into the April live period.... Take the opportunity NOW and get in on Amijah Price before her recruitment blows up. Feel free to take a look at the game film we highlighted the stats above and get eyes on her even before the live period. Price is a flat out hooper and she should be on the radar of all division I coaches in our region this summer as when the lights were the brightest she was the biggest star!!! Amijah Price is the most slept on recruit in the state of Louisiana but not for long!

2) - Cherie Spencer - Northshore High School

Club Team - ProSkills

Cherie Spencer's game continues to grow on both sides of the ball as the cool, calm and collected combo guard carried the momentum from a great summer as she went from zero offers at the start of last travel ball season to ending with several mid major offers and even gaining interest from high major schools as well. Her shiftiness and ability to create one on one translates to the next level which is clear to see but its the ability to never get too high or too low throughout her style of play that sticks out the most to me. It may take some time but the right college coach will recognize her calm demeanor on the basketball court as not a flaw in her game but in fact one of her biggest attributes as you want your point guard to be level headed through the highs and lows of a basketball game.

This summer loading will be a big one for her as she makes the jump to play with a different club team in Proskills so college coaches be sure to make note as she'll have a different jersey on this April live period.

3) - Carley Hamilton - Huntington High School

Club Team - Mavs Elite

Carley Hamilton was forced to sit out last year due to transfer rules in high school and unfortunately with sitting out a year comes a lot of pressure to perform once you get back and she did just that! Hamilton was a catalyst for Huntington all year long as they battled against the top teams in the state night in night out she accepted the challenge. She's a strong and physical guard that has no problem getting her shot off whenever she wants. The difficult thing with projecting someone at the next level is will they continue to work on their craft and improve their skillset over the next few years and in college as well. I've got no problem putting my name on Hamilton as she's clearly a gym rat and the best years of basketball are still ahead of her. Big jump this year by Hamilton being back on the court but don't be surprised if she continues to climb these rankings. I'm expecting a big summer from her!

4) - Sanaa Bean - Newman High School

Club Team - Texas U

At 6'4 with a long frame Sanaa Bean some how some way gets overlooked in this class. Her ability to block and alter shots makes her a huge impact on the defensive side of the ball. She's the perfect teammate to anchor your defense as she allows you to gamble on the perimeter when you know the 6'4 shot blocker has your back in the paint! Bean moves well rim to rim which may be the most important box to check for and post in today's college game. College coaches her potential is through the roof so be sure to not forget about the 6'4 prospect as we're expecting another big summer out of her recruitment.

5) - Dakota Howard - Parkway High School

Club Team - PrimeTyme Family

Another young lady that had to sit the previous year due to transfer rules left Dakota Howard with a lot of pressure her junior year of high school and boy did she deliver! She helped to lead her team to another state championship where she stepped up as part of the one-two punch for Parkway. Next year the weight will be on her shoulders to see if she can lead the team to a three peat! Her perimeter skill set continues to improve but as always its her toughness and grit that lands her in the top 5. Any college coach would love to have her competitiveness day in day out at practice and in the games and I think that's what translates the most. She's going to give you everything she has night in night out playing the game as hard as she possibly can play. Her skills will continue to improve and so will her stock as she'll continue to rise up the rankings!


2026 Class Top 5

1) - Chikae Desdunes - John Curtis High School

Club Team - Cy Fair Elite 16u

Chikae Desdunes helped lead John Curtis to yet another state championship this year as she was named all state, all metro MVP and a long list of other awards capping off an outstanding sophomore season. She's been on the big stage in Louisiana for so long its hard to remember she's only in the 2026 class! I'm expecting a big summer for Desdunes as she's still a prospect with high major potential in my eyes so don't be surprised to see a few more high major offers come her way this summer. Her 3pt shot has been pure but she's continuing to add the range needed at the next level and beyond. As you surround Desdunes with other weapons it becomes more clear how much she makes her teammates better. The unselfish point guard has no problem getting everyone involved as well as taking over the game when needed. Her "motor" is the question most people bring up as a negative but in fact I see it as a positive. Again I want my point guard to never get too high or too low and keep a level head throughout the games ups and downs. Desdunes motor reflects this as she's going to be cool, calm and collected regardless of the scenario.

Side note its great that most everyone knows how to pronounce her name now!

2) - Alanna Benoit - Mandeville High School

Club Team - Louisiana United

Alanna Benoit breaks into the top 5 after sitting at #6 during the last update! The idea behind LGR and the rankings is case in point with Benoit as we've seen her game continue to grow and improve you've seen her climb the rankings! She's clearly been in the gym working extremely hard and has taken advantage of every opportunity. If you're upset with the rankings... use this as motivation, get in the gym and prove it on the court just as Benoit did! She helped lead Mandeville back to the state championship semifinals capping off a great sophomore season. I'm expecting a big summer out of her as all college coaches in the region should be sure to get another evaluation and follow her throughout. Benoit's jump in the rankings over the last few years is because her overall skills keep getting better year after year. She's more athletic than people give her credit for with a quick first step combined with an ability to finish around the rim! Once you add her 3pt threat you can see how her game translates to the college level pretty easily. Alanna Benoit is a division I lock at the next level and her recruitment is set to blow up this summer!!!

3) - Kyndal Graham - Huntington High School

Club Team - Texas U

Kyndal Graham followed up with back to back major high school campaigns as she was named to the all state team! The was the point guard and the engine for Huntington as they were competing against the top teams in the state night in night out she was performing at a high level. As an undersized guard Graham will be forced to shoot the 3pt ball at a very high clip at the next level and that's what has been most impressive with her development. The consistency, range and ability to knock down the 3pt ball off the bounce will allow her to play at the division I level despite being undersized. She's quick and shifty which makes her game fun to watch. Another big summer loading for the 2026 standout. Regional college coaches don't forget to check out her Texas U club this year.

4) - Asia Patin - Southern Lab High School

Club Team - Louisiana United

Asia Patin is a tough as they come and she's always been that defensive stopper but this high school season she was asked to step up and be more of a scorer and facilitator on the offensive end..... fast forward to holding the state championship trophy and state tournament MVP it's safe to say she had an outstanding high school season! Patin's game will translate to the next level as her grit and will to win basketball games is exactly what college coaches are looking to add to a roster. Asia Patin is someone you want in your locker room and at your practices day in day out as she's going to make those around her better raising the bar!

5) - Ava Raymond - Zachary High School

Club Team - Louisiana Aces

Ava Raymond cracks the top 5 climbing the rankings from the #9 spot as the 5'8 guard has a natural ability to score the basketball. She's been competing at the 5A level for a few years now and the speed of the game night in night out playing in 5A as a freshmen has helped her development. You can see the game has slowed down for her despite her high motor she's picking her spots and being more assertive on her scoring opportunities. Her size and length translates to the next level on both ends of the floor but her offensive skills and natural ability to put the ball in the hoop is what has college coaches very interested. I'm expecting a big summer and junior season out of Raymond.... College coaches make sure you circle this one and check her out this summer!


2027 Class Top 5

1) - Caroline Bradley - Oak Grove High School

Club Team - Mavs Elite

Caroline Bradley comes in at 6'4 with a physical strong frame that some college coaches would take in a college freshmen despite only being a freshmen in high school! She's been recently listed to the ESPNW 2027 watch list of top 30 players in the nation. It's no surprise she already has multiple SEC offers including one from LSU. With Bradley's size, strength, mobility and touch around the basket she will be considered one of the top post prospects in the nation for the 2027 class. She's the best back to the basket post prospect to come out of the state of Louisiana since two time all American Kalani Brown. Bradley deserves to be a house hold name in Louisiana as in my opinion she has the tools to be in the conversation of a McDonald's All American selection her senior year.

2) - Brooklyn Smith - Madison Prep

Club Team - Cy Fair Elite

Brooklyn Smith stepped on the scene as a freshmen and helped lead Madison Prep back to the state title game. She's a natural on the basketball court and even as a freshmen she has the ability to make the "wow" play. Her quick first step leads to easy scoring, combined with her constant improving 3pt range makes her a division I lock at a young age. She should be on the radar of every division I coach in the region. Brooklyn Smith is a rising star in the state of Louisiana.

3) - Cass Antonie - Edna Karr High School

Club Team - Louisiana United

Cass Antonie has already received division I interest and offers as its easy to see the potential from the freshmen. She's a natural with the basketball in her hands as she has no problem creating off the bounce for herself or teammates. I've kept a close eye on the growth of her game and it's clear she's got the drive to continue to get better and improve as her offensive skills have become more and more polished. Antonie has climbed the rankings from #8 to #3 with the latest update as she's proved it on the basketball court!

4) - Kay'Len Alexander - Southside High School

Club Team - Lake City Pride

Kay'Len Alexander could arguably have the highest upside out of anyone in this class. The growth her game has made in just the few short years leads me to believe her best basketball is still ahead of her! We could look back on the initial rankings 5-6 years from now when they are all in college and I wouldn't be surprised if she's having the biggest impact on her team. Alexander covers a lot of ground on the defensive end and is ready for the next level. As her offensive skill set continues to improve you'll keep seeing her make major jumps in the rankings! She's got the ability to be an impact player from the forward position on both ends of the floor which is very uncommon. College coaches should be tuned into Alexander this summer as her game continues to grow her ceiling is through the roof!

5) - DeAsia Alexander - Arcadia High School

Club Team - N/A

DeAsia Alexander had a stellar summer campaign as she was a very flashy 5'10 guard! College coaches love her size and ability to hand the basketball on the perimeter. I see her as a guard or wing at the next level despite playing the forward spot in high school so it could be hard for others to evaluate her. Her potential with that big size and length at the guard spot lands her in the top 5 of the newest update. As her perimeter skills continue to improve over the years the sky is the limit with her 5'10 long frame she has the ability to reach a much higher college level than most. I'm excited to see her development over the next couple of years because she has all the tools to be great!

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