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Jeriah Warren Commits to Florida / Q&A

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

LGR's top prospect in the 2021 class announced her commitment to Florida yesterday and we had the opportunity to catch up with her with a quick Q&A. Coming off LaGrange's first state championship and now after announcing her commit to Florida her and her teammates can focus on defending the title as one of the best teams in the state!

What stood out for you the most about Florida than all of the other programs that recruited you and why did you choose Florida?

  • It was the top academic school in the conference & my relationship with all of the coaches.

When did you first realize you had what it takes to play at the college level?

  • The summer before my freshman year.

What was your recruitment like—when did it begin and when did everything really accelerate?

  • It was a blessing, I was glad I was able to get the full experience. It started around May 2019 & it got busy once coaches were able to call me. (September 2019)

Why’d you decide to end it when you did?

  • I was ready to make my decision & I didn’t want to waste any of the other coaches time.

How would you characterize the (college) coaches?

  • They’re easy to talk to about things outside of basketball & they were very positive. Anytime they called, I was happy to talk to them.

What goals have you set for your time at Florida?

  • I want to make All-Conference Teams and become one of the best college players during my 4 years.

What was your most memorable moment during the high school career so far?

  • Making it to Top 28 with my team and getting all the attention and love from the city and winning state.

What do you think was the biggest growth in your game that led to you getting scholarship offers?

  • It was my mindset, playing my best against top teams in big moments without being nervous & having the confidence I needed to perform well.

Any advice you can leave to the young girls looking to follow in your footsteps?

  • Don’t expect anything to be handed to you.... if you’re always working, your goals will happen.

What do you plan on majoring and was that a factor in your decision?

  • Criminology & I watch a lot of crime shows, so it’s something I always been passionate about.

How do you balance being a student an athlete and your social life?

  • During school I tried to get most of my homework done in my electives, but when I couldn’t I would stay up to do assignments and study for tests.

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