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Louisiana Players To Watch - Blueprint

Another weekend of basketball on the forefront the next stop for eight Louisiana teams is San Antonio at the She's Ballin Blueprint. This even is another one of the top events in Texas during the July evaluation period for the past several years. While division 1 college coaches won't be in attendance that won't stop them from checking out the live streams on Pass Tha Ball only $30 for the entire tournament if you'd also like to watch along. There will be plenty of other level college coaches in attendance as well as other scouting services so plenty of eyes will be on OUR girls.

Louisiana will be well represented in talent from the 2021 through the 2023 class with eight teams as well as a few prospects on teams from Texas. Below is a list of players to watch as well as the schedules. College coaches make sure you check them out as we have prospects for all different levels.


Who To Watch: 2021's

Soniyah Reed

5'11 Wing/Forward / Ranked #13

Lady Flames Elite

  • A long frame that benefits her on the defensive end allowing her to defend multiple positions. She's got three point range to go along with a nice pull up jumper. Soniyah has a lot of potential and her size/movement alone will garner a lot of college eyes this weekend.

Skyler Christmas - ULL Commitment

5'6 Point Guard / Ranked #17

Lady Flames Elite

  • She's a walking bucket... Look for her to make A LOT of plays on the offensive end with enough wiggle to make someone fall. One of the best one on one players in the state and if I'm being honest she's probably ranked a little to low looking back at it. She's a gamer and she'll bring it in this setting. Close game....just give her the ball and get out the way!

Taylor Wilkins

5'10 G/F / Ranked #18

Kenner Angels 2021

  • Taylor brings a lot of size to the perimeter which allows her to post smaller defenders and rebound really well for her position. When you get a lot of rebounds its great to have an ability to "rebound & go" starting the fast break herself lets other teammates run in the open floor. The Angels are going to look for her to lead them through this weekends event on and off the court.

Jade Brumfield - Southeastern Commitment

5'6 Guard / Ranked #20

Kenner Angels 2021

  • The Southeastern commitment does a lot of things well and will be a much needed asset to the Kenner Angles who needed another guard that could score it. If a team goes zone she'll be able to hit the 3-ball if a team goes man she'll be able to create her own shot off the bounce.

Meagan Bubeck

5'9 Guard / Ranked #21

Kenner Angels 2021

  • Meagan is a bigger athletic guard that catches your eye with how well she moves. She naturally excels in a transition style but has improved her 3pt shot over the years. Another HIGH ACADEMIC prospect that plays the game the right way and it'll reward her with a college basketball opportunity in the near future.

Jardee Muse

5'10 Forward / Not Ranked (Yet) /

Lady Pumas Black

  • She missed some of her high school season last year and feel off the radar but this versatile forward can create a lot of mismatches. She has the ability to stretch the floor and has guard like skills from the forward position. Look for her and Skyler to feed off of each other.

Emmia Johnson

5'4 Point Guard / Honorable Mention

Lady Flames Elite

  • Easily the most underrated prospect in this article since she sat out all of last high school season due to a transfer rule. College coaches if you need guard DOG at the guard spot please take a look. If we're going to battle I want Emmia on my team. She's undersized but look for her to surprise you on both ends of the floor this weekend. STOCK RISER PREDICTION

Emily Adams

5'3 Point Guard / Honorable Mention

Kenner Angels 2021

  • Emily is an undersized point guard that plays extremely hard on both ends of the floor. She's that player when you shake hands at the end of the game you may have under estimated her before the game but she'll gain your respect by the end of it. Has a great motor that doesn't stop and HIGH ACADEMICS to go along with it.

Alexis Lavarine

5'10 G/F / Honorable Mention

Kenner Angels 2021

  • It's not every day you get to see an Team USA boxer compete on the basketball court. That statement alone should tell you about her tough style of play. Alexis has expressed her interest in playing college basketball despite her outstanding boxing career. She'll be asked to do a little bit of everything this weekend for the Angels: rebounding, defending multiple positions, dirty work, scoring etc. Another HIGH ACADEMIC college prospect.

Miranda Strassel

5'7 PG / Honorable Mention

Kenner Angels 2021

  • Miranda doesn't get enough credit for what she brings to a team it's as simple as that. She's going to make her teammates better and not bring a lot of attention to herself. She'll surprise you with her handles and is quicker than you think.... combine that with a high basketball IQ she'll be able to manipulate the defense this weekend and get the ball where she wants.


Who To Watch: 2022's

Tierra Sylvas

5'7 Guard / Ranked #8

Lady Pumas United

  • Athletic guard that really excels in transition. Has a quick first that makes her hard to stay in front of at times. Look for her to lead this Pumas United team this week and keep an eye on her high school (Northshore) team they could be a dark horse to win the state title!

Chasity Taylor

5'6 Guard / Ranked #24

AD Elite - Louisiana

  • Excited to see Chasity compete on this stage this weekend as I've seen her showcase good versatility for her high school team posting up smaller guards and of course handling it on the perimeter. For the AD Elite - Louisiana team she'll be asked to have a bigger role and I'm excited to see how she responds this weekend!

Isabella April

5'8 Guard / Honorable Mention

Kenner Angels 2022

  • Isabella is gifted on the offensive end there is no questions about that just take a look at her shot during warm ups and the opposing team will label her as a shooter. I'm excited to see how she plays in this setting where it'll be much more physical and a little out of her comfort zone. If she plays to her level of competition like I believe she might it'll be a fun one to watch this weekend especially if she gets heated up!

Catherine Legendre

5'8 Gaurd / Honorable Mention

Kenner Angels 2022

Catherine is developing into one of the top shooters in the 2022 class. On defense this weekend she'll be asked to defend several positions and her length/toughness will allow her to excel in that role. Someone is going to step up on the Angels 2022 team and don't be surprised if Catherine is the one to stand out in many aspects of the games this weekend!


Who To Watch: 2023's

Myan Barthelemy

5'7 Point Guard / Ranked #8

Lady Pumas Select

  • This Pumas Select team is going to count on her to do a lot of what she does and that's score the basketball. She's got a bigger frame for a guard and uses her body well to create separation on finishes as well as shield off defenders on the perimeter. She added some strength after being in high school for a year and I think that will help her a lot this weekend.

Chrysta Narcisse

5'8 Guard / Ranked #9

Louisiana Flames

  • Speed, quickness and size.... Chrysta checks a lot of boxes of things you can't teach. Her skill set is improving and I'm excited to see her compete at this level with a court full of college prospects. Really has a lot of potential looking forward to seeing her develop over the years.

Dacia Jones

5'10 Guard / Ranked #13

Louisiana Flames

  • That's right it wasn't a typo she's a 5'10 guard as a 2023. Dacia stands out with her size at the guard position and running mostly the point. Her ceiling is as high as anyone in the class with her size for her position. Look for her to run the show for the Louisiana Flames this weekend and get all her teammates involved.

Kyra Bradley

5'5 Point Guard / Ranked #18

Lady Pumas Select

  • She has a natural feel for the game which leads to great vision and with this team she's got a lot of options to pass to.... Athletic guard that can play both ends of the floor... guards win games and she's a good one to have.

Ambria Langley

6'0 Guard / Ranked #19

Lady Pumas Select

  • *STOCK RISER - Scratch what we said last event... Ambria can flat out ball and her best years are in the near future. Didn't know she could hit the 3-ball.... well she can! Didn't know she could help break the press....well she can! Didn't know she was that big and strong playing the guard spot.... well she is! Look for her to have a huge impact on the Pumas 2023 success this weekend.

Bailey Johnson

5'8 Guard / Ranked #21

Lady Pumas Select

  • When she walks on the court you automatically identify her as a shooter and she's one of the best shooters in the class. Her handles have been improving with a nice change of pace. Stepping it up again this year in competition it'll be fun to watch her game continue to evolve as well.

Alissa O'Dell

5'10 Power Forward / Ranked #22

Lady Pumas Select

  • Physical back to the basket style post player.... might be undersized to some but she makes up for it with her strength. Not sure you'll find many post players her age as physical as her this weekend. She'll be the anchor on both ends of the floor this week.

Jerzie Douglas

5'5 Guard / Ranked #24

Lady Pumas Select

  • In the NBA you'll find a role on any team if you can play defense and knock down the 3-ball. We call them a 3 and D player.... Jerzie fits that role for sure and she'll be the teams lock down defender this week if someone needs to be stopped but don't be surprised by her offensive skill set and ability to get out in transition for easy buckets.

Jada Bedford

5'10 Power Forward / Honorable Mention

Lady Flames Elite

  • I'll be honest Jada should be in the top 25 but I had her in my 2024 notes since we squeezed her into our Fab 50 camp last year. She did so well in the middle school camp she stayed for the high school division as well and had a good showing! She's got good hands and runs the floor well.... it's a great start for a young post player as this will be my first look at her in an AAU setting I'm excited to see her play up and compete versus other bigs.

Baylie Carroll

5'4 Gaurd / Honorable Mention

Kenner Angels 2022

  • Baylie is asked to do a lot for her high school team and that level is sometimes hard to evaluate. She'll be on the court this weekend with other college prospects on both sides of the floor which will allow her to pick her spots more. I'm excited to see her in this setting as a natural scorer she'll fit in well.

Samantha Taylor

5'4 Guard / Honorable Mention

AD Elite - Louisiana

  • Samantha is one of those small guards that can really go... she's quick and uses great change of pace to throw off defenders. She'll be the primary ball handler for AD Elite - Louisiana this weekend and I can't wait to see how she handles the pressure of this stage! I wouldn't be shocked if teams have trouble staying in front of her all weekend long.


List Of Teams & Brackets Linked Below:

  • Kenner Angels 2021 - WNBA

  • Lady Pumas 504 - WNBA

  • Lady Pumas United - WNBA

  • Lady Pumas Black - WNBA

  • Lady Flames Elite - WNBA

  • Louisiana Flames - WNBA

  • Kenner Angels 2022 - NCAA

  • AD Elite - Louisiana - NCAA

*Lady Drive Nation 15u - Randle / Jet - Is a team based out of Texas that also has three of the top 2024 players from the state. The following players are all players to put on your radar from that squad.

  • Terran Coffil

  • Danai Lewis

  • Mia Gex

Brackets and schedules can be found here.


We'll be turned into the live streams all week long evaluating these girls but also looking for who else stands out. Be on the look out for a recap tournament article and we'll talk about who's stock improved!

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