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Louisiana U - She's Ballin Extravaganza / Plus other Louisiana players

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

First weekend back with basketball in over four months and while I didn't make the trip it was great to watch online and keep up with this Louisiana U team and several of the other girls from the state we had competing on Texas teams. Louisiana U 2025's finished 3-1 on the weekend and really represented against some of the top teams in the region! It's safe to say the future basketball in the state is in good hands with all the talented young teams we have to showcase. This team has a ton of talented players and they really get after it on the defensive end applying pressure full court. It's going to be a lot of fun watching them develop over the years but its great to see a group of young ladies so passionate and enjoying being back on the basketball court! We caught up with Coach Johnson and asked about the experience being back in the gym during this Q&A:

How'd it feel to be back in a gym and competing with your team this weekend? 

  • It was a great feeling, it was like a family reunion, Myself and Javar have been with the core of this group of parents and young ladies; since these girls were 7/8 years old. We’ve watched these young ladies grow into the players and young ladies they’ve become. We were there for the tears, hard aches, tough lessons (loses), grueling practices, and victories. It was a feeling of euphoria; to see the young ladies compete at such a high level this weekend. 

How did your players and families feel concerning the virus?  What is the new normal?

  • There were concerns in reference to the COVID-19 situation. We had spoken to the parents and players about the situation prior to resuming the season and rearranging the team schedule. The guidelines were explained to the parents in reference to tournament and practice precautions; which they were agreed to and were satisfied with the measures being taken. 

  • When it comes to practice, it’s a little different. We take and document their temperatures upon arrival and try to limit contact as much as possible during practice. We also stress the use of hand sanitizers and wipes; during, before, and after practice. 

  • In reference to traveling to and from tournaments; with the current situation there is a heightened sense of safety. We stress the use of masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, etc to our parents. We also advise them to limit the amount of stops along the way. 

  • In reference to staying at the hotels, we stress the use of Lysol, wipes, etc. We ask the parents to keep themselves and the girls in the rooms as much as possible. 

  • Going out to eat is a major change. This organization has a strong family environment. We’re use to going out as a group to eat and enjoy each other’s company and socialize; which we all look forward too. In this current pandemic, the majority of restaurants are drive through only. So it’s a bit of a change for the          parents and girls. 

What's your thoughts on the team both positive takes and things you need to work on?

  • My thoughts in reference to positive takes about the team; is that the girl’s competitive instincts kicked in. They handled