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RECAP - The Yellow Rose Of Texas / Featuring The Family Renegades & More Louisiana Basketball

While I didn't make the trip it was great to watch some girls basketball all weekend....been far to long! We had three Louisiana teams (several other girls playing on other Texas teams) play in Texas last weekend in really the first basketball events since March! Like a kid on Christmas sitting in front of my computer screen all day flipping between games and going back rewatching the others that I missed. Premier did a great job putting on the event giving large breaks between the games forcing fans and teams to leave the gym in between the games. Enough about the excitement and small talk lets get to the teams and players that stood out!

The Family Renegades Elite - 2021's

This team really went after it and jumped into THE top division playing Drive Nation and a couple of Adidas sports teams there was a lot of next level players in every game. They didn't back down competing and held their own through out the tournament despite not coming away with a win. Not bad for only three practices... this is certainly a team of North Louisiana basketball players to take a look at! We caught up with Coach Davis about his thoughts on the teams first tournament:

How'd it feel to be back in a gym and competing with your team this weekend?

  • If felt great to be back in the gym doing what I love too do and thats coach these young ladies, our moto touching lives to enhance the future.

How did your players and families feel concerning the virus?  What's the new normal like....

  • Our players and families where ok about there child playing in the mist of this virus. We as an organization took the best possible safety we could for our kids and there families, because safety is our number 1 concern with our young ladies and there families.

  • The new normal is actually great ,because now when you go to a tournament you nor the parents have to worry about running the clock nor do the score sheets. That's a plus for us it wasn't right that our parents had to pay to get in the gym then we had to ask one of them if they could come to the table and work.

  • Practice for us was very different we conducted temp checks before and after practice and we also sanitize equipment and keep our young ladies at the social distance of 6ft. We also held most practice outside.

  • Traveling to and from the tournament was also different because we sanitize hands right after the game and lysol down clothes before we got in vehicles. The hotels was also very different you didn't see people hanging around in the lobby and we made sure that everything was sanitized down in each room regardless if housekeeping had been through. There was no hot breakfast, it was only cereal, fruit, water ,milk and juice. We didn't go out to eat we had everything delivered are I went to the drive thru and picked up the ladies food. No restaurant for us period.

What's your thoughts on the team both positive takes and things you need to work on?

  • As a team we did some good things on offense but we have to work on defense more because we only had 2 quality practices before we left to play in the tournament. More importantly the ladies got some live game time which is very much needed.

Going out to Texas and giving your girls a taste of that level of competition, what do you think we can do here in Louisiana to move girls basketball forward?

  • The best thing we can do in Louisiana to help our young ladies is we need too invest in buildings and turn them into gyms with multiple floors and have leagues year round to develop our ladies, because if they don't make a travel team during the summer a lot of them are just staying home and not working on there game. But with a league and gyms that would help in 2 ways keeping them out the streets and letting them be in a safe environment working on there craft.

Where will your team be traveling to next and what about the rest of the summer where can we keep up with the Family Renegades?

  • Our next tournament will be July 5-8 in Nashville ,TN the run 4 the roses another great tournament with a talent of teams. Then we will focus on July 20-26 in Phoenix Arizona for the tournament of champions which is normally held in Chicago and that tournament is a wonderful tournament for our young ladies to be evaluated by coaches and also given them experience playing on a big time stage. We try to give our young ladies the best opportunity we can so that they will have a chance too move to the next level .


LGR's Standout Players:

Playing at events such as these allows LGR as well as college coaches and other scouting services to evaluate your talent. After watching the Family Renegades it's safe to say they will be one of the best 2021 teams in Louisiana not just North Louisiana. Here's who stood out to us, while none of the players are in our current rankings make sure to keep an eye out for them when the October update comes out!

Aylanna Wine / Pineville HS / Forward / 6'0 / 2021

She catches your eye just on her size and way she can move but you combine that with being an active rebounder that's quick off her feet... Aylanna is a college prospect! The lefty constantly created and scored off the bounce from 15 feet out with a few and one's to add. On the other end of the court she blocked one shot over the railing from helpside! Look for her to be in the October updated rankings...

Jada Anderson / Benton HS / Point Guard / 5'0 / 2021

She dropped 33pts in the 5A state championship game last year so she's not new to the scene bu