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Top 2023 Unsigned Seniors

Updated: 2 days ago

This will be a one stop shop article for college coaches looking for unsigned seniors! We will update this article as the players on the list continue to commit to colleges. Below you'll find a list of our "Best Available" prospects from each position. This article will be updated over the next few months so feel free to check back periodically. This is just a list of some of the top 2023 unsigned seniors from the state of Louisiana if you feel you have someone that should be added to the list feel free to reach out as it takes a village. A lot of these players have visits on standby and several will be committing in the near future.

***The following top remaining prospects have committed but an announcement on where has not been made public:

#15 Ranked Prospect - Deniya Thornton - St. Amant

***Best point guard available***

Kyra Bradley

5'6 Point Guard - West Jeff

Skill Set:

Bradley is a natural at the point guard position as she has a great feel for the game. Her ability to see the game allows her to deliver the ball in a timely manor and even pass her teammates open at times. She brings a natural high basketball IQ and can create shots for herself or her teammates. Her 3pt range has continued to improve over the years and will allow her to play on and off the ball at the next level. She's a solid all around point guard and although she doesn't score at a high rate she's more of a run the show type point guard who loves to get her teammates involved. She's a leader and competitor on the court. Had a great summer and was picking up division I interests.

Current Interest: NAIA and Junior College



***Best back to the basket big available***

Emerald Parker

6'3 Center - Carroll High School

Skill Set:

Parker is the best back to the basket post player available and arguably the top big in the 2023 class! She has the ability to anchor your defense with her 6'3 long frame. Brings great timing on her blocks and alters a lot of shots because of it. Her defense will allow her to make an immediate impact at the next level. Meanwhile her offensive skill set has continued to improve over the years as she's competed against some of the top bigs in the region and has the ability to score on the low block at a high level. Any team looking for a post player should be giving her a call.

Current Interest: Division I - Low Major and Junior College Offers



***Most skilled big available***

Na'Kiyah Allen

6'0 forward - Northwood-Lena High School

Committed to Kilgore College

Skill Set:

Allen has the best overall skill set of any forward in the class of 2023. Her offensive skill set is very polished as she combines soft hands with great footwork around the paint showcasing a variety of different combination post moves. Her skill set will translate to the next level as you'll be able to throw the ball inside and she'll draw a double team or have the ability to score one on one.

Current Interest: Has multiple Junior College & NAIA offers as well as some intrest from Division I schools. Just picked up her first division I offer from UNO.



***Best shooter available***

Tia Anderson

5'10 forward - Brusly High School

Skill Set:

Anderson is the top shooter available in the class and the key part is she's a stretch forward which all college programs can use that position! Anderson has helped turn the Brusly program around and is a proven winner as her team has advanced to the state final four for several years now and she's always been known as the "shooter" on the team landing her at the top of every oppoentents scouting report! Any coaches looking to add a stretch forward to your team should certainly evaluate Tia Anderson.

Current Interest: Junior College



***Most Heart***

Jamia "Mini" Singleton

5'1 Point Guard - Ellender High School

Committed to Delgado

Skill Set:

While Singleton may only be 5'1 at the guard position she makes up for that with her heart as she has the most "dog" in her as we like to say. She helped lead her team to a state championship last year and as you can see in the picture above has scored over 1,000 career points. Some of the best handles in the state which allows her to break her defender down scoring for herself and create scoring opportunities for teammates. The prospect we put in this category last time we did this article has been selected all conference twice as an undersized guard so don't be hesitant because of her size coaches!

Current Interest: Junior College & Division III



***Top Defender***

Taylor Jackson

6'1 Forward - Ponchatoula High School

Committed / Not public

Skill Set:

Taylor lands herself as the top defender because of her ability to rebound the basketball at a high level on both ends of the floor. She can impact the game on the offensive boards with put backs and second chance opportunities but more importantly she'll secure the defensive rebound when your team needs it most! Jackson can move her feet well in the pick and roll defending in a multitude of ways and also flourishes in the pick and roll on offense with great hands and finishes well around the rim!

Current Interest: Open, junior college and NAIA