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My 2020 Starting Five

Updated: May 22, 2020

The 2020 rankings have been out for 10 days, so I wanted to keep the conversation going about OUR girls, so I ask you the question "Who are your starting 5 for the Class of 2020, and what style of basketball would your team play?"

Disclaimer: Here is MY team. Let me know what you think and who's in your starting five! With lots of talented young ladies in this class. my intention is to get the conversation started about girls basketball. I'm not putting anyone down or saying anyone can or can't play. This is all created to get OUR girls talked about as a whole. Thanks for being a part of our village!

My Starting Point Guard

Sha'Kahia Warmsley - A big strong point guard. She'd run the show for my team and she has no problem distributing the basketball on time and on target. With the ability to defend the perimeter at a high level, she'll set the tone on defense as well! She might be a shock to some because she's ranked so high, but I believe her game will translate to the next level, given her style and the way the game is officiated.

My Starting Shooting Guard

JerKalia Jordan - Having played and lead a team at the highest level both in high school and club, Jerk is a no brainer for the starting five. I think it's safe to say Tulane got a steal with this one as she continues to take her game to a new level on both ends of the floor.

My Starting Small Forward

Erica Lafayette - At 5'10", Erica will bring great length at the SF position as well as the ability to score the basketball at a high level! When we need a bucket or a stop she can get it done.

My Starting Power Forward

Tamera Johnson - Transition is a big part of the game at the next level and Tamera is hands down the best forward in transition offense! She'll be a little undersized but will make up for that with her speed and ability to switch all screens 1 through 4. Good luck keeping up with her for 40 mins and 94 feet!

My Starting Center

Kenyal Perry - With Kenyal on our team we would be able to focus on executing in half court offense and defense. She's 6'7" and would be the anchor of our defense and give us the ability to throw the ball inside and get an easy bucket when we needed one!

Photo Credit: Mark Sykes

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