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Top 2020 Unsigned Seniors

Updated: May 22, 2020

I wanted to take this time to highlight some of the top 2020 unsigned seniors from the state of Louisiana. A lot of these players have visits on standby and a lot of unknowns going on right now so I wanted to spend a few minutes just highlighting them and the great high school career each of them have had. We have a lot of girls in the 2020 class that can be in this article but I'm only going to name a few...

***Best point guard available***

Autumn Chassion

5'8 Point Guard - Lafayette Christian Academy

Skill Set:

Chassion has a high basketball IQ and is a 4.0 GPA student. She has 3pt range so she can play off the ball as well as on. She's a solid all around point guard and although she doesn't score at a high rate she's more of a run the show type point guard who loves to get her teammates involved. She's a leader and competitor on the court.

Current Interest: Interest from several LM's with offers from all other levels.



***Best back to the basket big available***

Lafeadria Green

6'1 Power Forward - Ouachita High School

Skill Set:

Green is the best back to the basket post player available and arguably in the 2020 class! She brings a powerful prescience in the paint with great hands and a strong frame. She's showcased great back to the basket moves along with counter moves. Any team looking for a post player should be giving her a call.

Current Interest: Signed to ULL



***Most upside overall available***

Zaria Harleaux

6'0 Wing - Dutchtown High School